Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Already 1,391

According to Relative Finder (RF) I have today 1,391 "genetic cousins" (Ashkenazi Jews like me have record numbers of cousins, probably owing to their over-representation as 23andme clients; for other possible explanations, see this previous post.)

I'm currently sharing my genetic information with 336 "cousins" and I've had 30 contact requests turned down (it happens). Also according to RF, I have a few dozen third cousins, a few fourth and fifth cousins, but the vast majority are so-called distant cousins - that is, people with whom I might share an ancestor from several centuries ago. Up to now, I haven't been able to confirm any of the estimated closest relationships, something I would have to do using the scarce information I have on my grand-parents, great-grandparents and so forth.

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